Online Project for the Improvement of University Speaking

English presentational speaking is important for students during their studies and for their post-tertiary careers.

The goal of the Online Project for the Improvement of University Speaking Project (OPTIMUS) is to provide Hong Kong tertiary students with an online, self-access resource for the improvement of their English speaking skills. OPTIMUS is the product of a large UGC-funded project conducted collaboratively by HKU, CityU and PolyU. OPTIMUS is centred on a database of more than 60 video exemplars of authentic best-practice speaking from expert and peer presenters. The user interface allows learners a large degree of independence to tailor usage to their preferred learning styles and needs.

Project Team

Dr David Gardner; Dr Ken Lau; Dr Jane Robbins; Dr Hebe Wong; Mr James King; Mr Kevin Pat; Ms Jovi Chan.

Team photo

Who can register for OPTIMUS?

OPTIMUS is open to the current university students and teachers in Hong Kong.
Please do Account Registration with the University-Provided E-mail Address. The eligible institutions include: